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Frequently asked questions

What is MyUYH?

MyUYH is a powerful cloud-based mechanism for managing notes created in the <a href="">Use Your Handwriting</a> app. You can use it to share notes, synchronize them across your iPad, iPod and iPhone, publish them as web pages and visualize them in any web browser.

How is MyUYH related to the Use Your Handwriting (UYH) app?

MyUYH considerably enhances the capabilities of the UYH app, letting you backup, sync and publish your lists. It is available as a separate product that can be purchased within the UYH app by pressing the Sync button, represented by a ying-yang icon.

Do I need to purchase MyUYH for using the basic functions of UYH?

No. You can create notes, edit them, send them over email and use the app in any way that does not require server side support without subscribing to MyUYH.

How do I subscribe to MyUYH?

You can subscribe to MyUYH by pressing the ying-yang Sync button in the UYH app. You will be shown some informational slides at the end of which iTunes will ask you to confirm subscription.

How is MyUYH different from iCloud, Mobile Me and Dropbox?

iCloud, Mobile Me and Dropbox are cloud-based storage solutions. MyUYH is a cloud-based note management dedicated to the Use Your Handwriting app. Rather than providing cloud storage, MyUYH <i>uses</i> this type of storage, provided by the Google cloud. The utility of MyUYH lies in its sophisticated algorithms, which make synchronization fast and robust. Unlike systems that use the above cloud solutions, MyUYH can be accessed online using an ordinary web browser running on any platform or device. MyUYH even lets you publish your notes and list hierarchies as web pages.

I am a student. How can I benefit from MyUYH?

We are frequently contacted by students who have integrated UYH into their lifestyles. They use the UYH app to jot down friends' phone numbers, write quick handwritten emails, take notes in seminars and plan projects. Several of them also speak of the benefits of using MyUYH, such as taking notes on their phones on the move and synchronizing them with their iPads when in the class room. It is common to share a MyUYH account with one's roommate to keep shared grocery lists and to plan activities together. Some students even publish their study notes as web pages for their colleagues.

I am a parent. Can MyUYH be of use to me?

Absolutely. Members of our development team use MyUYH extensively for parenting. The most common usage in this setting is to keep track of feedings and other events in the lives of little children. After having fed baby, a parent can record the time of the feeding and other details on her device and synchronize them. The other parent may later synchronize his device to view the first parents' notes, add to them and do the same. Hierarchical lists can be used to organize such data into hours, days, months and eventually years.

I am a professional. How do I use MyUYH?

UYH is a great tool to keep track of your projects. The hierarchical lists feature helps you organize long lists into shorter ones by batching items into sublists. MyUYH can help you visualize your plans even when you do not have your iOS device in front of you. You simply have to go to and log into your web account. You can publish your notes and project plans for your coworkers, or publish lists for your partner. Through the publish feature, your collaborators can view your lists even if they do not use Apple's iOS platform.

What is the MyUYH PIN and how do I get one?

The MyUYH PIN is a 5 digit code that identifies your account.

Why does my PIN keep changing?

This behavior is expected. For security reasons the PIN code changes every 30 minutes. Make sure you look up the PIN shortly before using it from your UYH app's Preferences section, or by pressing "Whats my PIN" on

I purchased the UYH app. Where's my PIN?

As explained above, the MyUYH PIN is a component of the MyUYH service, which is separate from the UYH service. In order to use this service you first need to purchase it in the app. Please see "General questions" above.

I purchased the MyUYH service. How do I access my notes online?

Go to the Preferences menu in the UYH app on the device on which you purchased MyUYH. You should see a MyUYH section. In this section, press the "Enable Web Account" button. Login using an existing Google, Yahoo or AOL account, or register for a new MYUYH account. When you have logged in, go to and login as the same user.

How does synchronization across multiple devices work?

When you run the sync operation, MyUYH first computes the difference between the notes on your app and those on the server. Next, it intelligently merges these notes together. At the end of the operation, both the server and your device have the same set of notes and lists. Any changes in note order and cut-n-pastes are also taken into account and synchronized to the other side.

What if the same list changes on more than one device?

If the same lists changes on more than one device, then the changes are intelligently merged. For example, that Jane adds "Milk" and "Eggs" to the list entitled "Groceries" on her iPod Touch, and her husband Joe adds "Beverages" to the same list on his iPad. When the couple runs the Sync operation on their respective devices, all three items are synchronized to the grocery list on both devices.

What happens when changes conflict?

Sometimes, the changes you make on multiple devices can conflict. For instance, Joe might delete the list "Party plan" believing that all of the items in that list have been completed, but Jane might add a new item to that list at the same time. When Joe and Jane synchronize their respective devices, MyUYH will allow all of the items in the list to be deleted, with the exception of the one that Jane added. Furthermore, it will <i>undelete</i> the parent "Party plan" note on Joe's device, showing one note in it.

Can conflicts always be resolved?

Changes can usually be resolved automatically without your intervention. There is however one case in which such resolution is impossible. When a single note is modified concurrently on two devices, then it is problematic to determine which of the two versions MyUYH should keep. In such cases, MyUYH steps out of the way and leaves the note in its current state. Users must step in in this case and decide which version takes precedence. To mark that version, simply edit it, save the edited version and press Sync. The conflicting version will be replaced with this one.

I am getting an error running Sync on my device that indicates that I do not have access to my data.

In rare events such as a crash or device power off at the time of note creation, notes can get corrupted. Corrupt notes cannot be synchronized and need to be repaired before normal operation ensues. In such cases, our support staff will put your account in recovery mode and ask you to run sync. Doing so will validate your notes and repair them if necessary. Once your data has been revalidated, your account will be restored to optimized mode.